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i.e. • To determine volume to be infused, double dose (in mg) and divide by 10. 2mg = (2x2) / 10 =0.4mL Dosages.

Narcotics, barbituates, alcohol and anti-depressants can potentiate effects Special Considerations.

• (sedation) 2 - 5 mg slow IV at < 5 mg/min, repeat every 30 minutes - 4 hours, PRN Pediatric:

• (seizures) 0.2 mg/kg slow IV at < 1 mg/min, repeat every 5 - 15 minutes, PRN, to a maximum of 20 mg.

Diazepam iv administration

• As the use of benzodiazepine is increased, anxiolytic effects are first produced, followed by anticonvulsant effects, a reduction in muscle tonus and finally sedation and hypnosis Indications • Sedative/anxiolytic • Anticonvulsant • Amnestic Contraindications.

• Nausea and vomiting Interactions/Compatibility/Stability.

• (seizures) 2 - 20 mg slow IV at < 5 mg/min, repeat every 5 - 15 minutes, PRN, to a maximum of 30 mg.

• Protect from light.

Preparations: 10 mg/2 ml vial (5 mg/ml) Adult:

It is only for IV, IO or rectal administration. • Diazepam must not be administered into an endotracheal tube.

• Do not mix with any other injectable medication, may precipitate when administered in a D5W IV line.

• Caution is required for patients with blood dyscrasias, renal and hepatic dysfunction.

Benzodiazepines produce major inhibitory neurotransmitters in the CNS.

Diazepam should be diluted 1 mg with 1 ml in NS and administered close to the IV site.

• Respiratory and CNS depression • Laryngospasm.

• Patient with a compromised respiratory status.

• (seizures) 0.5 mg/kg for the first PR dose and 0.25 mg/kg for subsequent PR doses Kinetics Onset 1-5 minutes Peak 10 minutes Duration 20 minutes.

• Elderly and children may react unpredictably Adverse Reactions • Hypotension • Reflex tachycardia.

Diazepam Other Names Valium, Vivol, Diazumul Classification Benzodiazepine Action.

• Hypersensitivity to the medication • Hypoglycemic seizures Precautions.

Diazepam iv administration