Fake msj diazepam

How to spot a fake MSJ

5.22.2018 by Madison Ayrton
Fake msj diazepam

2 the colour of a fake msj is lighter blue than the real deal. msj a known term for fake diazepam whether they contain the active ingredient or.

Are these msj 5mg diazepam?

4.21.2018 by Thomas Addington
Fake msj diazepam

They're MSJ supposedly 5mg Diazepam. There are lots of fakes on the market but I heard these were supposed to be good enough. I looked.

Real msj Stay safe

3.20.2018 by Madison Livingston
Fake msj diazepam
Real msj Stay safe

It is easy to spot genuine MSJ diazepam as they come with a security seal, such as Kaleidoscope have issued further warning over the use of counterfeit.

Mr Chapman said he was confident the drug taking had been an “isolated incident”

“Because it’s often used in association with alcohol – particularly amongst younger people – maybe they’d just assume it was just extreme drunkenness, or use of another drug such as cannabis or ecstasy.

“I saw the person I got the tablet off and I told him listen, flush it down the toilet, they’re not the real thing, and he wouldn’t believe me – he said I need money.

Newport-based Kaleidoscope said nearly all the people it saw had misused the drug, often with other substances.

But Clive Wolfendale, a former acting chief constable of North Wales Police who is now chief executive of CAIS, said it was a difficult drug to police.

The north Wales drug and alcohol agency CAIS said online pharmacies were making it easier to obtain diazepam, but harder to police its use.

“Some people have referred to deliveries of bin bags full of Benzodiazepines coming to the house, and they’re distributed in little snap bags or money bags from ten to a hundred per batch.”

‘Thumping headaches’.

Legit vs fake 'MSJ' diazepam? benzodiazepines

12.29.2018 by Isaac Mercer
Fake msj diazepam
Legit vs fake 'MSJ' diazepam? benzodiazepines

These are cheaply available to me, does anyone know how I can l if they're legit or not? E.g. the dimensions, taste, weight etc. They're.

Hmm, thanks! I'm guessing it's best just to stay away from them then.

Yeah I realise I can confirm that they contain diazepam, but I don't know of a way to get the % filler and % diazepam (I'm guessing the legit ones will be more consistently dosed too).

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I have bought a few and will send one off for testing, but that'll only confirm the drug, not dose.

Asking/Giving Sources Will Result In A Permanent Ban.

MSJ Genuine Diazepam 10mg Valium x 50 Tablets drugsarebeautiful

8.25.2018 by Thomas Addington
Fake msj diazepam

Diazepam / Valium are similar to the Xanax counterfeit epidemic we have state side. There's very few documentaries showing how bad it is.

The US is more in your face so xanax would be Counterfeited. It's interesting how different benzos fit different cultures.

The Russian roulette of benzos. Explain?. Ah MSJ diazepam.

There cheap and you may be taking a risk but I still think there worth it. You may have one thinking it’s weak or inactive and then you have a few more and you black out for 12 hours. Typically what is advertised at 10mg is 5-20mg. Most MSJs have a very large spread of diazepam and are unevenly dosed.

100% 2 they fake but also did my research on these the name of the compani changed and th production restrictions became safer they are still in production but if he from the uk they are faker than than kim kadarshians behind.

But there is also the question if they are real There not.

thank you for the clarification, I was very confused after I read a comment saying they vary in strength and was thinking that it would be pretty irresponsible for a drug company to market 5-20mg pills labeled 10mg lol.

;) Couldnt have put it better myelf!

These are cheap as fuck in the uk, 1000’s for next to nothing.

There’s very few documentaries showing how bad it is, it’s interesting to learn about. I’m assuming your in Ireland, or another country in the UK. Diazepam / Valium are similar to the Xanax counterfeit epidemic we have state side. For US redditors, I feel like OP should set a background explaining why you stated genuine.